Monday, June 26, 2006

Fashion flashbacks.

For the vogue aficionados the past year has been full of relentless purring energy. From the world of inspirational fashion to the nitty-grittys of street fashion every vogue was infused with a practiced chic. Needless to add, navigating in these tricky currents of fashion did require a degree of superb skill. As the year draws to a close, we do a reccee on what have been the most terrific trends to rule the ramps. Bridging the seasonal gap we pick up the hottest fashion flavour that ensured you looked pretty as ice on a summer day and smoking hot in mid winter. Internationally simple silhouettes were brought to life and the fashion circuits looked even flashier. Roberto Cavalli and Yves Saint Lauren presented a spectacle of the most glorious form of fashion. Back home the desi designers too incorporated mixes and melanges that resulted in a sustained all season wear. Let us find out what our stalwarts of style pick up as the brightest and best of fashion in the year gone by.
For any fashionista her dream dossier had to contain this year’s must haves like long tiered skirts, boots and high glitz accessories. But in my opinion it was the return of bling-bling that made most heads turn. A little flash was seen on everything from accessories to jewellery to make up. There was a huge accent on accessories. From real gems to swarovski everything that lent a sparkle was a wonderful addition. Internationally designers like Karl Lagerfield and John Galliano churned out stuff with bling as an inspiration. Chanel as a label too epitomized the look.
A whole new confidence was seeped into all arenas of fashion. The look military was very strong. It was a reversal of trends in some ways but fashion was more structured and it was very significantly observed in jackets and pants. The textile used were mainly lycra and cottons. As an addition metallic buttons on jackets made a comeback. Black was back with a bang. Denim too was strongly displayed everywhere. The look though rugged on surface still retained an ├ęclat. Glamour was tweaked to suit the military style. A strong inspiration from Russian look was seen.
BABE WHO CARRIED IT BEST: Model Carol Gracias was seen wearing a lot of this style. She had a strong wardrobe based on it. Given her warm complexion she did a good job of carrying it well.
It can aptly be called an era where the skirts were re introduced. Trousers were conveniently replaced by skirts. From crinkled to tiered skirts in fabrics like georgettes, silks and cottons were in vogue. Mid calf length was very hot. The most versatile thing about skirts that was brought into fore was that women from almost all age groups could carry it. John Galliano too drew a lot of inspiration from Rajasthani skirts. The gypsy skirts that were a take off from the Indian lehenga went on to become hot favourites.
BABE WHO CARRIED IT BEST: Priety Zinta sported this look very nicely. Her long flared crinkled skirts showed a crisp form of fashion.
The biggest trend in clothing this year was undoubtedly volume. Every ramp in the world witnessed voluminous shapes. Especially balloony skirts and dresses were seen. And this was incorporated as a major style statement. was also a trend rampant on every red car- in Hollywood. It also worked quite well in Indian fashion scene.
BABE WHO CARRIED IT BEST: Sarah Jessica Parker in her Oscar De La Renta dress was one celebrity who did perfect justice to this look.
The year witnessed a comeback of Victorian vintage feel. It could be best described as a queen’s heirloom of treasured fashion pieces, but it felt as if it has opened now so the sparkle is gone but a dull muted glory still remains. Femininity was blooming, so instead of tunic pants one saw an abundance of churidaars. A snazzy style was reflected in mid length kurtas which the young women wore as dresses while the older women paired them with pants. Colours like old rose, olive green, beige etc. were hot. Even the treatment given to fabrics was intended to bring out the amalgamation of old and new.
BABE WHO CARRIED IT BEST: Faith Singh who is the owner of Anokhi is a woman who brings out the most classic style. She is a British married to an Indian, and her style has a vintage feel to it.