Sunday, October 5, 2008

Speaker Cushion

Speaker + Cushion

Is it very cool? very fashionable?

So easy to use just like normal speaker, can link to mp3,mp4,computer.........

No need to put on ear-piece all the time especially during your break time.

The speaker at the center of the cushion, when you use it won't disturb others.

Cushion is washable, speaker can be taken out.

Do bring it back home or office, it's really very cool & fashionable, isn't it !!!

Shapes Available: pig/apple/orange/strawberry/bear/frog

Size: 28cm*22cm*8cm

Price: S$ 19.9 S$16 only

Hot Sale!!! 20,000ps / Month in Japan

So lovely....So Cuteee....

quickly join this fashion queue

bring it back home!!!

Colour Available: light pink/light yellow/light blue

- -
Price: S$: 19.9 only