Saturday, December 13, 2008

Applying Stickers
Before you start to apply your new wall sticker we suggest you take a minute to prepare yourself and read these instructions through fully.
Although the wall sticker is easy to fit, it does require a little patience for larger items.
It’s a good idea to plan where you are going to put your new purchase in advance of peeling the silicon paper off. Care needs to be taken when fitting wall sticker as it is not a reusable item,
it can be easily removed but it will more than likely be damaged.
Freshly painted walls should be allowed to dry for 2 weeks before applying.
To prepare the surface before applying your wall stickers,
you must thoroughly clean the surface of dust or grit which will show up
and spoil the final look of your design.
Make sure you wipe the surface well and leave to dry before attempting to apply.
We need to know our wall sticker.
There are 3 layers:
Layer 1. Transfer film (transparent)
Layer 2. Actual stiker (graphic)
Layer 3. Backing paper (white colour)
Some of our wall sticker, transfer film has been put onto the Layer 2 already.
(skip Chapter #001-002)

Put the transfer film on to the graphic sticker (before cut)

Try to avoid Air bubble
Cut it according to the graphic

Now start to paste...
Step 1
Position wall sticker to the place you want to stick it.
Then masking tape onto surface.
Design accordingly, you can cut the sticker at your own design
or you just flower the design we provided.

Step 2
Lift wall sticker and carefully peel the backing paper(Layer 3) to half way,
making sure all the graphic(Layer 2) is on the clear transfer film(Layer 1).
If the graphic is stuck to the paper smooth the backing paper back
onto the transfer film until it sticks then re-try.

Step 3
Move the scraper(any credit card) over the film at 45 degrees as you apply.
Apply in a firm smooth motion so you don’t get any air bubbles.
Remember graphic is very sticky so keep the rest away from wall when you apply.
If there are any air bubbles caused during your apply, you may just take a needle to tear the bubbles and make it smooth back.

Step 4
Wait about 15-30 mins then peel back the edge of transfer film(Layer 1)
& remove by pulling slowly and carefully away at 180 degrees to the graphic(Layer 2).
Make sure non of the graphic pulls up with the transfer film.
Take care when removing from a painted wall.

{inspiration: spring}

Wonderful photography for H&M Spring 2009.
{reminds me a little of Day}

{images: HM Spring 2009 via Linnéa's Life and Billie Jean}