Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Item#: AG717 (Incarnadine)
AG718 (Hotpink) (OOS)
Measurement: 17.5cm*10cm*3cm
Price: S$28

{give-away: gunmetal cuff}

Today's give-away is the beautiful and contemporary gunmetal Vivienne Cuff by Bing Bang Jewelry in NYC!

Rock + refined and perfect for Fall, the Vivienne Cuff was designed by Anna Sheffield, who has worked with Marc Jacobs and Phillip Lim, and is the designer behind Bing Bang and her own high-end line of jewelry.

To enter, {click here} to visit Bing Bang, or {here} to visit Anna Sheffield, then leave a comment below.

{p.s.} also: a fun iphone app

{bonne chance!/good luck!}

* please visit {this is glamorous} to view more entries; winner will be randomly selected and contacted by e-mail after Monday, September 7, 2009

{editorial: mustang baby}

{editorial: mustang baby; magazine: Numéro Issue #106; model: anja rubik; photographer: camilla akrans via julia}
Mini Cosmetic Pouch

Item#: AG691 (Pink)
Measurement: 8cm*8.5cm*2.5cm
Price: S$16

Item#: AG701 (Milkwhite)
AG702 (Silver)
AG703 (Lightgold)
AG704 (Black)
Item#: AG705 (Hotpink)
AG706 (Mahogany)
AG707 (Lightblue)
Measurement: 12.5cm*8.5cm
Price: S$20

Item#: AG679
Colour: Pink

Item#: AG681
Colour: Black

Item#: AG682
Colour: Grey

2 notes compartment
1 coin compartment
7 card slot
Measurement: 14.5cm*9cm*3cm
Price: S$26