Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Item#: AG511
Colour: Gold

Item#: AG512
Colour: Incarnadine
Item#: AG513
Colour: Purple
2 notes compartment
1 coin compartment
2 photo slot
14 card slot
Measurement: 18.5cm*9.5cm*2cm
Price: S$ 28

Item#: AG508
Colour: Pink

Item#: AG509
Colour: Blue

Item#: AG510
Colour: Black
Measurement: 11cm*9cm
Material: Leather
Price: S$ 25

Item#: AG505
Colour: White
Item#: AG506
Colour: Green

Item#: AG507
Colour: Orange

Measurement: 11.5cm*9.5cm*2cm
Material: Leather
Price: S$ 26


Item#: AG501
Colour: Black

Item#: AG502
Colour: Pink


Measurement: 11.5cm*10cm

Material: Leather

Price: S$ 30/pc, S$ 58/pair

Smart Bag Inner Pouch

Found difficulty of finding keys, handphone, pens,etc?

Do not have enough compartment in your bag?

A smart pouch help you to arrange all the items properly!

Item#: Smart Pouch
Colour Available: Beige/Pink (Pink In-Stock)
Measurement: 67.5cm*11.5cm
Price: S$ 15.8