Monday, December 11, 2006

Lexus LS 430

Lexus LS 430

The 2006 LS 430 delivers the sophistication, performance and ride expected of the definitive premium luxury sedan.

Inside and out, the LS 430 is the ultimate expression of elegance, style and comfort. With its contemporary exterior lines and beautifully finished cabin, Lexus design and craftsmanship are evident in every detail.

Powered by a potent 4.3 litre, 278 hp, V8, engine, the 2006 LS 430 is equipped with the most advanced Lexus technology, an array of active and passive safety features, and state-of-the-art conveniences that make driving a unique pleasure.

Luxury Appointments
●Optional separate front and rear seat climate control
●Standard SmartAccess entry with engine immobilizer
●Super ECT 6-speed automatic transmission
●Rear foot lights and vanity mirrors
●Multiple front, side, curtain-shield and front knee airbags
●Optional Power rear seats with separate massage and heat controls
●Available DVD-based GPS navigation with rear back-up camera

Lexus established itself with the LS400, and the current version, the LS430, continues to be its iconic car. No other Lexus delivers more convincingly on the marqueÐ’’s promise, "the passionate pursuit of perfection." And the particular field of automotive perfection that Lexus has pursued more successfully than any other is that of the luxury sedan.

Quite simply, the LS430 nails the luxury-sedan formula in all the key areas. It's so quiet it could be in deep space, so smooth-riding it could be levitating. The controls move with an expensive fluidity. The cabin is stretch-out spacious, and its materials are of the finest quality. The 290-horsepower V-8 engine is so smooth that it seems to have no moving parts, yet it moves the LS430 with alacrity, sending it from 0 to 60 mph quicker than a Mercedes-Benz S430. Then there's the human factor: In a world full of hassles, dealing with your Lexus dealer usually is not one of them.

Naysayers will claim that the LS430's driving experience amounts to bland perfection and that its appearance lacks personality. But understand that the LS430's silent fulfillment of its mission is a luxury itself. Like the ideal concierge or butler, the LS430 serves utterly unobtrusively. In some sense, this is an old-fashioned philosophy of luxury, and some people will consider it a failing. It's true that when compared with more expensive luxury sedans, the big Lexus doesn't make as loud a statement about its owner. But for those secure enough to spend less, there isn't a better luxury car out there.