Saturday, August 14, 2010

{photographer: petra van raaij}

{photography by petra van raaij via studded hearts}

Item#: KCH037 (Made In Korea)
Colour: Pink/Peach
Measurement: 19*7(cm)
Price: S$ 7.9

{silver shoes & feathers}


{p.s.} also: from july...

{the cherry blossom girl via simply seductive & the inspiration board}

Ford Focus Video Review

Ford Focus Video

Ford Focus Twin Clutch Gearbox Debuts

The Ford Focus is one of the Blue Oval's biggest sellers. In the UK alone more than 1.1 million second Focus models have been sold, and now a new model has been launched at the '07 Frankfurt Motor Show, which will be on sale in Europe from early 2008.We predict that it will be one of the most popular Focus models yet. There are two reasons for this. One is because the major changes to the new model involve the sharp new headlight design,new look grilles, restyled rear glass and new tail lamps. A new design always brings more customers to the fold

The second, and potentially more important reason for increased interest in the Ford Focus is the addition of a twin-clutch semi-automatic gearbox similar to Volkswagen's wildly popular DSG.Ford employed Getrag to develop the new twin clutch gearbox, which operates like a traditional automatic in 'D' or drive mode, shifting automatically with no need for manual changes. However, it is quicker to shift and more efficient than even a manual gearbox. There will also be a tiptronic mode so drivers can maintain more control.

Ford has nicknamed the new semi-automatic gearbox the PowerShift transmission, and will find it's way into the new Focus and the European C-MAX model.According to Ford, the new PowerShift transmission will be available from early 2008 in combination with the 100kW (136hp) and 81kW (110hp) versions of the 2.0-litre Duratorq TDCi diesel engine.Expect the new twin clutch semi-automatic PowerShift gearbox to be made available in the new Ford Focus ST (known as the XR5 Turbo in Australia) when it launches in the second quarter of 2008 in Europe.

Ford Focus Images

Ford Focus Images