Friday, December 12, 2008

Item#: AG203
Colour: Black
Item#: AG204
Colour: Black(white dot)
Price: S$ 15 (OOS)

{après moi le deluge}

{garance doré via felicity -- thank you!}


{gold feather necklace by Aurelie Bidermann via the look see}

There are feathers everywhere -- on tabletops, dresses, in our hair. While searching for last-minute gift ideas during the holidays, came across these beautifully delicate feathered items . . .

{millinery feathers via Julie Fleming}
❤❤❤❤❤Hello Kitty Mahjong❤❤❤❤❤

Singapore / HongKong Version

(with 'Animals')

Own the same Cute mahjong as Jolin

Hot !!! in TaiWan & HongKong

Set Contents:
Hello Kitty Carrier
Hello Kitty Mahjong - 144 pieces, 2 pieces of blank, 4 pieces of animals.
Hello Kitty Dice - 6 pieces, Figure 1 is consider as the ribbon.
Hello Kitty 東西南北 dice - 1 pieces.
Hello Kitty Mahjong ruler - 4 pieces.
Hello Kitty Chips - Front is the face of Kitty, back is the chip amount.

Mahjong Material: Crystal Acryl -
Hello kitty Carrier: 59cm X 19cm X8cm
Mahjong Measurement: 3.3cm X 2.5cm X1.8cm
Mahjong Dice: 1.5cm X 1.5cm X 1.5cm
Mahjong Ruler: 45cm X 2.8cm X 0.6cm
Mahjong Chip: d=4cm X 0.3cm

Colours Available: Gold/Pink
Price: S$ 398 S$ 280