Wednesday, October 1, 2008

STYLE LESSONS. LADY BATMAN. Fashion Tendebcy 2009.

Tight pants, futuristic jacket and boots on a platform sole. In that superhero attire you will not be affraid of going on struggle against forces of evil.

You manage to reach from one side of the city to another in 30 minutes, despite of traffic jam, solving all business problems at the same time, taking your child from the school and not forgeting to help your best girlfriend with her love affair. A big city life means that you have to possess qualities of a real superhero. And though you can't fly like the Batman, top with "bat" sleeves and magic steel bracelets will help you to find supernatural powers.

1. Blouse, Roberta Scarpa 2. Pants, Blugirl 3. Little Bag, Chanel

4. Dress, Trussardi 5. Jacket, Malloni 6. Dress, Сéline

7. Skirt, Iceberg 8. Bangle, Louis Vuitton 9. Cape, Trussardi 5. Boots, Louis Vuitton