Monday, March 23, 2009

{daughters of dawn}

Crazy for the styling and photography of this vintage shop.
{images: daughters of dawn, photos by tyson fast via unruly-things}

Item#: ZQ001

Measurement: 44cm*14cm*30cm,30cm(handle)

Colour: Black

Price: S$39 S$9.9 (In-Stock)

Item#: ZQ004
Measurement: 40cm*15cm*31cm,50cm(handle)
Colour: Black
Price: S$29 S$9.9 (In-Stock)

Item#: ZQ009
Measurement: 48cm*15cm*32cm,16cm(handle)
Colour: Brown
Price: S$29
S$9.9 (In-Stock)

Item#: ZQ010
Measurement: 42cm*12cm*42cm,20cm(handle)
Colour: Green
Price: S$39
S$9.9 (In-Stock)