Thursday, July 9, 2009

{runway: christian dior fall 2009 couture}


{editorial: forest princess}

a glamorous little side project, greg kadel, fashion editorial, vlada roslyakova{editorial: forest princess; magazine: numéro 104; photographer: greg kadel; styling: patti wilson; model: vlada roslyakova; via the lovely lace & tea}

{inspiration: sunday afternoon}

{image: photography by guy aroch}

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{image: thomas prior via daydream lily}

Peter Horbury - MKS Design

Stergeron of the Men’s lifestyle blog, Ploomy, jumped at the opportunity to test drive a Lincoln MKS because he wanted to see first-hand what the American auto industry had to offer during these tough economic times. His drive in the Lincoln MKS exceeded his expectations, surprised a few of his co-workers and renewed his hope that the American auto industry will turn around.

“After the car was dropped off, I asked a couple people in the office to come check out the MKS. Both were impressed with the stance of the car. “It looks mean. Look at that grill, it’s a BEAST”, said one of them. The other said, “Wow, it’s not what I expected.” Read into those comments all you want, but I was equally impressed when I first saw the MKS.”

You can read a more in-depth account over at Ploomy and view some cool photos of the MKS.
New Generation Mplayer eyes


Pictures of actual products

Item#: Couple Micky Mp3 player (2GB) (Korea)
Package includes:
-Mickey Mp3 player
-Mickey Earpiece
-Data Transmit cable / charging cable
-Mickey Casing (free gift)
-Mickey pouch (free gift)
Color: Candy-pink/ Candy-blue
Price: S$90/pair