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Ford Explorer Sport Trac Review.

Pickup? SUV? How about both? The specialized Ford Explorer Sport Trac was a vehicle meant to offer the best of both worlds, which is to say the cargo-hauling ability of a pickup and the comfortable interior of an SUV. It was, in essence, an Explorer with a pickup bed grafted to the back.
There have been two generations of the Ford Explorer Sport Trac. We were never very impressed by the original. Though clever in concept, it lacked in execution. The first Sport Trac was low-tech, underpowered and saddled with poor handling characteristics. The redesigned second-generation model, which debuted for the 2007 model year, was a much better 2010 Ford Explorer Sport Trac Adrenalin photog...Image via Wikipediapackage overall thanks to improvements in its power, cargo and towing capacity, and handling and comfort characteristics.
In most respects, Ford succeeded at its goal of building a vehicle that could act as both a pickup and an SUV. For consumers in need of a vehicle for hauling recreational gear or just something that can be used for light-duty trips to Home Depot, the Sport Trac should work just fine. We recommend shoppers take a look at some competing automakers' crew cab midsize pickups of the same time period, however, as they fulfilled much of the same role and offered advantages in refinement, performance and cab/body style configurations.
Some drivers like themselves a comfy yet hearty SUV. Others prefer a utilitarian truck that gets the job done. With the Ford Explorer Sport Trac, drivers get BOTH. Thanks to an innovative body style combined with signature Ford reliability, the Sport Trac gives motorists the kind of performance and road-worthy thrills that make driving enjoyable. The only thing missing from the equation is your sense of individuality thrown into the mix. With CARiD's lineup of Ford Sport Trac accessories, finding what works for you is never easier! is the place to be for all
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STEELCRAFT® - 3" Round Side Steps.
Item Number: 115901
2010 Ford Sport Trac Step Bars
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# STC-21280X - Ford Explorer Sport Track 2007-2010, 3" Round Tube Side Steps by Steelcraft®. Side Bars bolt right up with custom mounting brackets. Polished to a mirror shine look or black coated, these side bars will add a more customized look.