Friday, April 8, 2011

Cool Images of Ford Fiesta Classic

Cool Images of Ford Fiesta Classic

Video - Ford Fiesta Classic

Video of Ford Fiesta Classic 1.4 Model, Specification, Exterior and Interior Appearance.

Ford has Launched its Novel Version Fiesta Classic

Ford cars India presented Fiesta Classic after fortifying its existence in Indian market with open of Figo & Fiesta. Claimed to be a suitable product for mid size section, Fiesta Classic is aimed at patrons in the 40 to 30 age group. "It is classic car at a reasonable rate alleged MD Michael Boneham after launching the car. Mr. Boneham alleged Fiesta Classic would not battle with the Global Fiesta, which was anticipated to hit the market as a result of the middle of 2011.

Fiesta had been mainstays of the Ford India brand's portfolio. Likely, Fiesta Classic could become 'branding product' for its future vehicles under B & sub-B segments in Indian market; he alleged it would be presented in diesel & petrol versions. The 1.6L petrol variant would be presented at Rs.5.58 lakhs while the diesel version with 1.4litre engine would be presented at Rupees.6.05 lakhs (ex-showroom Chennai). Ford Fiesta Classic comes in 3 variants SXI, LXI and CLXI. Mr. Boneham said the Indian car market was growing as a result of 31% years by year. The plant would achieve its complete ability of 1.50 lakhs units soon with twice shift operation, he added.