Friday, January 21, 2011

{sunglasses & leopard print}


{vlada, nimue & sara b for dolce & gabbana summer 2011: via fgr}

{runway inspiration: céline, new york}







{céline pre-fall 2011,}

Ford Accessories.

One of the first names in American automotive versatility and efficiency, Ford didn't just set the bar for how automobiles were viewed and produced, they created the cast in which the bar was molded out of. From the earliest Model T to the Escape Hybrid, there is no disputing the fact that Ford's place is cemented as one of the industry's giants because the brand covers all the bases, from street performance and practicality, to comfort and style. Ford just keeps giving people what they want. No wonder why their drivers are so loyal. And there's no question about it, your Ford is important to you. It's important to us, also. That's why at CARiD, we have nothing but the highest quality Ford Accessories you need to make the new and exciting changes that you desire.
At CARiD, we have nothing but the highest quality Ford accessories you need to make the new and exciting changes that you desire. OEM or custom Ford parts can always give a fuller look when seeking those new additions you're after. Beware of imitators-we are truly the "One Stop" for all Ford accessories. We want to make it easy for you. After all, isn't that what's important? At, we wouldn't have it any other way.
The 2011 Ford Mustang ranks 1 out of 4 Muscle Cars. This ranking is based on our analysis of 9 published reviews and test drives of the Ford Mustang, and our analysis of reliability and safety data.

The 2011 Ford Mustang may look like last year’s model, but under the hood it’s all new and far better. In fact, many critics assert that its recent performance upgrades, including a 305-horsepower V6 engine, crown it king of American muscle cars.

If Chevrolet was looking for a fight, it got one. Still hot off a complete redesign, Ford has tweaked the Mustang once more to give it an edge over the sultry Camaro. The result is nothing short of spectacular. For 2011, the Ford Mustang gets a power increase of 95 ponies and 40 pound-feet of torque. Plus, its steering and suspension settings have been tweaked for optimal performance. Taken as a whole, test drivers say that the changes make a world of difference -- leaving the Mustang a more capable performer than ever before, and definitely more agile than its class rivals. Add to that an EPA-estimated highway fuel economy as high as 31 mpg and it’s easy to see why the Mustang is a winner. "The Chevrolet Camaro still takes top honors for dramatic styling, and the Dodge Challenger is surprisingly lovable in an old-school muscle car sort of way,” writes Edmunds. “But if you're looking for the best all-around pony car of 2011, you need not look any further than the holistically improved 2011 Ford Mustang."