Saturday, December 26, 2009


YouTing-Fashion Partnership Plan

Plan A --“Safe, Reliable and Guaranteed” (On-line shop NOT applied)
  • This plan was more suitable when the starting of the business partnership established.
  • Vendor provides the products to Shop for displaying.
  • Shop promotes the products.
  • There will be NO* any money transaction until the products sell.
  • Products selling price will be decided and fixed by both parties beforehand.
  • After the products sale, 20%* of the sale price belongs to Shop, the rest goes to the Vendor.
  • Liquidation will be conducted by weekly or monthly. Transaction Done!


  • No stockpile for Shop
  • No risk due to any unsold products can be returned to Vendor

Plan B --“Profitable, Flexible and Manageable”

  • This plan was suitable after the relationship is well established between both parties. And both parties want to step up to profit enrichment stage.
  • Vendor supply the products to the Shop following the “supply rates*”.
  • Shop can decide the selling price according its own business strategy.
  • Once the Vendor supply the products to Shop, Transaction Done!


  • High profit since the low “supply rates*”.
  • Flexible price making
  • Easy to manage

*Initial Deposit applied

*Any promotion decision from Shop will not affect to Vendor, which means the Vendor will take the 80% of the original price. The rest goes to Shop.

*Supply rates (by email)