Thursday, September 8, 2011

F.A.Q Lexus Venture LLC

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When does the company start its business?

Lexus Venture was established and came into operation early this century. The company has formed a matured operating system, including on-line investment service system after many years' development. Years of experience and professional managing team have ensured LV stable returns.

What industries do we invest and how much is the risk?

The company has been growing its business over the past ten years. Its business mainly Forex and Gold. Understanding risk is an essential step toward investing for success. All investments involve some risk that you may lose money. One of the first steps in making an investment plan is honestly determining your personal comfort level with risk. Use your free money for investment.

How to invest as an individual investor?

Firstly sign up as a member of the company; then you are qualified to make investment through our online investment service system.

Is there minimum investment amount that investors should meet?

As to expand our business in those sectors, individual investors are encouraged to join our investment plan with USD100 to start with.

Are there any fees involved as a member?

No, no fees are charged when sign up as a member. How long does it take to get the new account approved and activated after customer has transferred money into designated company account? It takes two working days to check the transferred money and activate the new account under normal conditions.

How many investment accounts can we have in your on-line system?

Currently only one account is accepted for each individual investor.

When can we start to get profits?

According to our investment plan, investors can start to get profit on the first day after their investment packages have been activated. Investors can only be activated when they have signed up as members and also have their investment money transferred to the company.

How to check our profit on line?

Please refer to "Bonus Statement" for your profit.

Are there any requirements for withdrawal? And how long does it take to process withdrawal once submit?

Each account can only withdraw once per day with minimum amount of USD100 and maximum amount of USD5, 000. Once submit, it usually will be processed in seven working days.

Can I increase my investment?

Of course, but you need to get a new investment package. An activated investment package cannot be modified.

Who should I contact if I have any further enquiries?

You can leave messages in "Support Ticket" section. We are glad to answer any of your questions.