Thursday, September 8, 2011

Company Profile Lexus Venture LLC

Greetings friends success at Lexus Venture.
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If you are looking for an aggressive investment in profitable businesses, we are here to offer you the best opportunities ever. LEXUS VENTURE LLC. is a company since 2001 which aims to optimally manage your wealth and achieve a higher return by means of diversified investment all over the world. It dedicated to investments and maintains a strategic focus on some of the highest yielding industries including Forex Market, Crude Oil, Spot Metals (Gold and Silver), Equity Index CFD.

Rich experience, sound governance structure, excellent customer service, strong technical and investment management team, extensive range of smartest strategies, advanced risk control system, all these make LEXUS VENTURE LLC an unique and renowned international enterprise.

Lexus Venture offers you significant advantages over investing on your own, and the best possible regional diversification. We have made great achievement in the past and will continue to provide enhanced performance to all investors, including small investors who also want to take advantage of the investment opportunities, working hard to invest our customers' money in the best way and generate superior results.

UK Address
Forex Lexus Venture Limited
company number= 7744898

US Address
Lexus Venture LLC
44 Wall Street NY, 10005,
Wall Street, United States of America.

Panama Address
Lexus Venture LLC
Azuero Business Center, Suite 383
Avenida Perez Chitre
Panama, APD 0601-00395
Republica de Panama

Management Team

Investment experts

At Lexus Venture, everyone works closely to find the best investment solutions to help our customers achieve financial freedom. A strong and dynamic investment management team comprised of abundant investment professionals with strong backgrounds in finance, technology, international investment and management and valuable practical experience in capital market, project investment, corporate operations, accounting, auditing and law, enables us to invest strategically and effectively, achieve the highest level of performance and professional results.

Welcome Greeting From CEO

Thank you for your attention to Lexus Venture LLC !

Since establishment, Lexus Venture LLC has come across lots of obstacles for more than ten years and grown up to a competitive international company which features a powerful research team, rich experience in investment and managing, highly professional online market platform, enhanced risk control system and back-end safety system. We are not carried away by what we have achieved. Facing both challenges and opportunities in a matured and competitive market, we never stop improving ourselves, and make great efforts in getting and maintaining the best core competition.

We will expand our business and meanwhile adopt optimized operating strategy, offering our customers the most competitive and advanced comprehensive financial services.

From where we stand, customers' satisfaction is very important standard to measure if an enterprise is successful or not. Just because of the encouragement from our customers, we can develop gradually. We highly respect our customers and would like to make them our partners forever. We will continue to serve their investment needs with a proper investment process and our proved investment capabilities.

we are extremely proud of the pioneering company we have built. We were one of the first firms to open up the world of currency trading to retail investors. And ever since, we have been dedicated to making trading understandable for people who are looking for new financial opportunities in our increasingly global marketplace.

We pride ourselves on our customer service and believe that you will feel the difference in attentiveness and follow through. Our goal is to help you understand global markets and become a better, more successful trader. Most importantly, you'll find open and honest people ready to answer your questions and help you anytime of the day or night in many languages from
offices located around the globe.

Peter Quick Mark B, CEO
Lexus Venture LLC.

Welcome Greeting From General Manager (A
sian Pacific Region)

Welcome to Lexus Venture LLC.!

Lexus Venture LLC. is an international professional investment company based in U.S.A. It has developed its business in a global market from U.S.A., Europe to Asia and Africa since establishment. As an international investment company, we take Asia-Pacific region as an important market for investment, and China especially as a large potential market that we cannot neglect. China so far has a high economic growing speed and lots of opportunities as well as challenges since its entry into WTO. We will seize the opportunities and expand our business there.

Lexus Venture LLC. has developed greatly under the caring and support from all sources and investors. Years of experiences, professional operating group, well-developed on-line system and a perfect investment plan has won us trust of more and more investors. To keep working hard on further improving our managing skills, serve customers with heart and professional spirit, we will try our best to go on…

Wish healthy and wealthy!

Lim Wei , General Manager
(Asian Pacific Region)
Lexus Venture LLC.